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Introducing Delta


August 9, 2012 by Julia

As promised, here is my introduction for Delta (TealCrest’s Down and Dirty). 

Her Background
Delta came to me from Jill Hootman of TealCrest Boxers in Tennessee. Her dam is Lilly (Int. Ch. Miro-TealCrest’s Whats Ur Name CD RN CA CGC), a lovely plain bitch that I met and loved at my first visit to the American Boxer Club Nationals.  Her sire is Sean (Ch. TealCrest’s Luck of the Irish, CD RA AX AXJ NF CA TT CGC), a playful dog who won the Forever Young Award at the 2012 Nationals, just 3 years after his brother won it. Together, they gave me a pup with the size, structure, and spunk that I wanted.

Our Journey
The beginning of my journey with Delta starts at the end of my journey with Xena. Two days prior to Xena’s death, Jill emailed me to tell me the due date of Lilly’s litter. I was distracted, glanced at the email and forgot it. Two days after Xena’s death, I remember the email and its contents – Lilly’s litter was due on Xena’s birthday. I told Jill if there was a little worker girl in that litter, it was meant to be. Continuing with the theme of two, the litter was actually born two days after Xena’s birthday.

When the litter was born, I did the one thing you weren’t 

supposed to do – I fell in love with a specific pup. The little plain girl with a white spot on her nose drew me in immediately. As she grew, I only liked her more. In early weeks, she was a little pig, you couldn’t pry her off the milk bar. Once she got mobile, she was curious and always in the middle of the action. When the final evaluations were done, I was in luck – she was a little worker girl and we were meant to be.

Aaron and I had her for nearly 2 weeks before we were able to choose a name. We racked our brains but each idea fell flat. We couldn’t find something that we both liked and that fit her personality. Until Aaron thought of the name Delta, after the mathematical symbol for change.  It was perfect.

Our Future

As you might expect, I have big plans for Delta. If I have my way, we’ll compete in Obedience, Agility, and Tracking. Since I’m still finding my footing in Maine, I am going to start out with obedience and foundations that will help us in any venue we enter. I’m thankful to have a great network of people to help us on our way, whether it’s my training group back in NY or the fantastic community of Boxer people spread across the country.  

I’m building from what I learned with Xena, but Delta is teaching me a lot of new lessons. I’ll be posting updates here and posting videos on my YouTube channel, All Around Dogs.

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