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  1. Introducing Miles


    May 8, 2022 by Julia

    sleepy Miles, the Boxer puppy

    In truth, I wasn’t certain I would write about Miles on this blog. When I started the blog my intent …
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  2. Rehoming is Not a Dirty Word


    April 22, 2022 by Julia

    I recently saw a meme going around that reads: “Reasons to re-home your dog: ––you died, that’s all.” (Facebook post …
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  3. Let Grief Out, Let Love In


    June 22, 2017 by Julia

    I recently went through a period where my left leg was giving me some trouble. Nothing major, just soreness and …
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  4. Dealing with DM: The Good Fight


    December 21, 2016 by Julia

    On December 10th, I attended a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) Black Belt test for the first time. The test ends …
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  5. Dealing with DM: Walking into the Twilight


    October 29, 2016 by Julia

    I thought of writing this post months ago, when Dash and I (and his wheelchair) took a peaceful walk at …
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