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Firming Our Foundations


October 6, 2014 by Julia

Though it wasn’t what I had planned on, Delta and I are (temporarily?) stepping away from IPO.  A combination of things came together and, for now, it makes more sense to focus my work with Delta on my original interests  – AKC Obedience and Agility.

Agility happened to hit my schedule first. We had taken classes when Delta was 12-18 months but hadn’t been able to get back to it much since then. Now we are starting at the beginning again, a Foundations class that will give us a refresher on what we know and add to our skills as well.

The first class was all review for us but still a lot of fun. She was pulling towards the wobble board, zipping across the plank, and springing and collecting over the jumps. She clearly remembered it all and she obviously enjoyed it. I had a lot of fun playing with her and watching her enjoy the game.

I don’t have any video from this class (yet) but here is a glimpse of what’s to come – Delta nailing a 14 obstacle sequence at 16 months old. Whee!


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