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A Little Dip


January 18, 2015 by Julia

I brought Delta back to the vet to have her ALT levels rechecked yesterday. The results are ready quickly so I decided to wait in the office. About ten minutes later, a vet tech popped her head in to say the vet was busy and asked if I wanted to wait to talk to him since the results were really high. I asked her what the number was and she said 9x normal. I smiled and said “That’s nothing, it was 16x last time!”

Perspective, I have it.

The only change we’ve made since the last test is her diet. The vet didn’t think a value as high as hers could be from food. Still, I spoke to Aubrey at The Animal House and she suggested that an oil-based kibble rather than fat-based would be easier for her liver to process. She recommended several foods and I decided to try Earthborn Holistic Meadow Feast. I think that this new drop means we are going in the right direction.


Delta says the right direction is down, hiding her face in Dash's neck for a nap.


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