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October 20, 2014 by Julia

Dash’s struggle at the trial and sore leg were kind of a bummer this weekend. He’s still sore, but mostly hobbling instead of three-legging it. We’re getting him in to see a PT and hopefully that will give us some information that gets him back in tip-top shape.

In the meantime, Delta has given me some much needed levity. Or just downright silliness. Tonight was the third class in our five week session and we spent most of the night on the contact obstacles. We’re familiar with the dogwalk, A-frame, and a teeter set up for limited motion so this was mostly old hat for me and Delta. While others focused on introducing their dogs to the equipment, Delta and I got in some good reps of 2 on/2 off. A target at the end of the obstacle and my “bottom” command had her stopping nicely in the yellow. Not surprisingly, the little obedience dog wants to turn into me if I stand on her right so we’ll need to work keeping the back feet in place when I’m “off sides”.

Very serious... seriously cute.

Very serious… seriously cute.

It has been great to have this outlet for Delta. Tape wrapped PVC and rubber flooring is obviously one of her natural habitats. I can’t claim to be native to the environment, but it is an awful lot of fun for me too.


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