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  1. Dogs of Divorce: 50% Custody, 50% Guilt


    June 3, 2016 by Julia

    At the end of my initial Dogs of Divorce post, I mentioned feeling badly that I was enjoying some of my “dog-free” …
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  2. Dog Show Hangover (Lyrics)


    May 10, 2015 by Julia

    On Thursday, I returned from an 8 day trip to Boxer Nationals in Indianapolis, IN. Four days of showing sandwiched between …
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  3. Dog Sports: It’s About the Relationship


    April 5, 2015 by Julia

    Recently the question of “why compete in dog sports?” came up on a Facebook group. In response, someone posted a sweet …
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  4. Barn Hunt: Stay Outta the Way


    March 15, 2015 by Julia

    As I digest the lessons from my first Barn Hunt trial (another event excellently hosted by UDSNNE), it comes down …
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  5. Apples to AKC


    December 28, 2014 by Julia

    The American Kennel Club is currently the most popular venue for dog sports in the US. When you are around …
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