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  1. Dog Lore: The Impact of the Stories We Tell


    February 15, 2015 by Julia

    Humans, by nature, are storytellers. We cannot help but tell stories about the dogs in our lives. As the years pass, …
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  2. Oh, Behave!


    January 11, 2015 by Julia

    Frequently when someone outside of dog sports sees me training my dog, they’ll comment on how well trained she is …
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  3. Embrace the Awkward: BMOD Edition


    December 15, 2014 by Julia

    For the past several weeks, Dash has been part of a group behavior modification class at his favorite place, Finish …
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  4. The Master Becomes the Student


    December 3, 2014 by Julia

    Over the summer I was in physical therapy for my hip. While I was being shown what healthy tension feels like (hint: …
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  5. This is Your Sport, so Play!


    October 17, 2014 by Julia

    Dash has his very first competitive event tomorrow, a UKC Weight Pull trial. I am a little but nervous, especially …
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